avocado_sundriedtomatoes_creamcheese_dip2 Who doesn’t love avocados? If you raised your hand, we can’t be friends (KIDDING, sort of). ¬†Avocados make everything taste better. Okay fine, ALMOST everything.

I first made this dip a few months ago for a little party I threw together while visiting my family in New York. I needed some type of dip for the baked sweet potato fries so I quickly whipped this up and it was PERFECT. It’s quickly become one of my staple dips. My family loved it and I hope you will too :)

This is a super quick and easy dip to complement your chips or fries. Works wonderfully as a spread for sandwiches and bread as well! Have any favorite dips you love to make? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!


avocado_sundriedtomatoes_creamcheese_dip_ingredients TIP: Not sure where to buy garlic sauce? I purchased “Many Clove Garlic Cooking & Simmer Sauce” from Trader Joe’s.


1. Chop red onions, green onions, and sundried tomatoes into small bite-sized pieces

2. Remove seeds from avocados and mush the avocado flesh in a large bowl.

3. Add cream cheese and garlic sauce into large bowl and mix thoroughly with avocados.

4. Squeeze lemon juice into the bowl. Add the chopped red onions, green onions, and sundried tomatoes and combine thoroughly.



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